Launched in 2012, DailyLDS features a new daily deal on the best LDS products & services.

The idea of DailyLDS is simple: Each day, for a 24-hour period, a single LDS deal will be featured for purchase at an incredibly low price.

Members may either receive daily LDS deals via Email, Facebook, Twitter or may simply go to DailyLDS.com to easily purchase the deal at the deeply discounted price. DailyLDS is the only place where you can save up to 90% on so many LDS products & services.

We treat our customers the way we like to be treated. That boils down to a few key things:

We sell stuff LDS members like to buy. A great price is only half the battle – it’s also got to be a great product or service. Between our top-rated business partners and unbeatable prices, you should feel comfortable venturing out and trying something new – just because it’s featured on DailyLDS. We want DailyLDS to be a healthy addiction you can feel good about.

Superior Expectations. We really want you to love DailyLDS. “Gotchas” and buried conditions that sour the experience are a terrible way to accomplish that goal. We want each DailyLDS purchase to feel too good to be true, from the moment you buy to the day you use it. If there’s anything unusual about a deal (e.g. an inconvenient location) we go out of our way to point it out.

Unbelievable customer service. If you contact us, we’ll do what it takes to make things right – and we’ll do it fast. Contact us here.

DailyLDS Origins

DailyLDS officially launched in May 2012 and lets you buy LDS products & services at up to 90% off the retail price.

“As proud members of the church, we started DailyLDS in hopes of delivering something of great value, specifically to LDS members. We thought to ourselves, if this could work for local products via Groupon, why couldn’t it work for LDS-specific products? Thus, DailyLDS.com was born and is now the only marketplace in existence to offer daily deals at incredibly low prices specifically to the LDS market”, says Dan Camacho, the company’s founder.

While we started DailyLDS as a side project, it’s taken on a life of its own.

Our People

DailyLDS’s people are our most valuable asset. Everything about DailyLDS is a reflection of the interests and ethics of its wonderful staff.